Tribute to Skip Premiere

IMGBy Carter Marziale 5/15/2015 edited 7/5/2015

History about Skip Premiere

Skip Premiere is the 2005 Palomino World champion.  He was treated very well, and is owned by James and Carol Marziale.  He is kept at the JMB ranch (Jim, Matt, and Benjamin).  He was showed by Benjamin Marziale A.K.A my dad.  They made a website about the whole experience, there is videos, pictures, and information.  On the website it shows all the horses that are for sale at the ranch!  Multiple horses that my family has raised are on the website.

The Show

The show was very emotional, right as the announcers announced the words Benjamin Marziale with Skip Premiere the whole Marziale family bursted out with tears of joy! I was only two when this happened, but I know in my heart that I was the biggest supporter out of everyone. If I was older I’m sure I would have gone.

Now Days

Nowadays Skip Premiere is called Nick, by all of his owners and family. He is still kept humbly at the JMB horse ranch. His pictures, ribbons, trophy, and his belt buckle are on display somewhere at the JMB ranch or at the BC ranch (Benjamin and Carter). Nowadays I love to go to the JMB ranch, that my grandparents own and pet Nick.

Family Time

I love to go ride with my dad and double up on the horse. I loved and do love animals so much that when I was little I did the buckaroo rodeo.
I had a blast ! Everyone in my family was on a horse at one time. My Dad loves it so much he will ride in 3 feet of snow !

We Will Never Forget

Nick was the best horse in the world! It is hard to see the good ones leave but even harder to see the special one in life leave. Nick did a lot for our family, and we will never forget that. There is not many studs out there that are as loving, kind and easy to deal with like Nick. I remember going out when we would visit, and brushing and petting him. I liked to go and talk to him, it seems like he was always listening, and understands me. He was an amazing friend we will never forget him!


Birthday: May 8, 1998
The day he passed away: July 5, 2015

We love him and will never stop !