2017 Palomino filly with Ben D’or spots



May 29, 2017  Filly

A little beauty, Very nicely marked, will be a darker palomino with lots of darker Ben D’Or spots. Superior breeding. Her dam is a double bred Blondys Dude mare . She is perfection. Tiny head with foxy ears, lots of muscle. Great horses on her pedigree. Take her in any direction. Will make a great beautiful barrel horse!

PC Thorn Frost
Sun Frost
Docs Jack Frost x Doc Bar
Prissy Cline
Rebels High Bid
Highly Significant
Bunnys Rebel
Dudes Frosty Diamond
 Dudes Tribute
Blondys Dude
Handy Babe
Dudes Diamond Finale
Mr. Diamond Dude
Continental Win