2016 Grey Filly



June 2, 2016

This is an absolutely beautiful filly. As you can see her mama is a grey.All greys on the mare tail line. She looks like a dun with a dorsal stripe down her back. She has 50/50 chance of either color. This is the second foal out of this mare.. She has a very kind disposition.

Will Turner
Jack Sparrow
Mr.AOK x Ima Cool Skip
Peps Star Girl x Skipa Star
Stagehands Assault
DW Relics Assault
SQH Evade the Storm
GSC Stormy Skipa
JJ Speedy Tom
Cheyennnes Dude
Lobo Chocolate Bar
KK Skippa Keo Go
JJ Canyon Scooter x Tony Canyon
JJ Scottish Go x Scottish Elm