About Us

JMB Horse Ranch
1967 W. 4000 S.
Spanish Fork, UT  84660  USA
Telephone:     801-798-7276
Information:     Jim, Matt, Ben, & Carol Marziale

The JMB Ranch

In 1987 our family consisting of a Dad and Mom and 5 children, moved to Palmyra, Utah. A decision that we have never regretted. Here we have been able to raise and breed great quality horses and a great family.These horses helped us raise hard working happy children. Responsibility to land, farm animals and each other made raising our family an experience with real quality results. In a time when drugs, alcohol and families, were breaking down, we managed to keep the kids out of trouble. We kept them busy with animals and sports.They grew strong and healthy and became good citizens in the community.We thank God each day for these great blessings.

We’ve been raising horses for over 25 years .The kids are grown and married now, with families of their own. We see the influence of their upbringing in our grand children.The love of horses, cows, goats, chickens,cats and dogs still carries on in our family.We have our own “little patch of heaven” here.

Raising and riding horses keep us happy,and greatfull for this great land we live in. May God always Bless America!

Our Family

Our love for horses started back in the 1930’s. Grandpa Reed had a Grand Champion black draft horse. He used that horse for plowing the fields, pulling a cart and a good using riding horse. I don’t know how many deer and elk were packed down from Maple Mountain on old ” Jack “. But I do know Grandpa was mighty proud of him. Mom didn’t ride much, but when she married Pop he got the “horse fever” that was passed down to me. That Gene is strong, we can’t get by 1 day without our horses. We are five generations since Old Jack. We have had Appaloosa’s, Arab’s, Tennessee Walker’s, Pinto’s and Paint’s and Quarter Horses. We have loved them all, but the later has become the keeper. I hope that 5 generations from now, they’ll be talking about “Old Nick”, our Champion- Skip Premiere.